Delivering the Ultimate Meeting Experience with Absenicon


The market has seen an increasing number of businesses switch to LED in various applications due to its ability to deliver unbeatable visual performance and seamless images and the scalability to any size or shape. Absenicon, an all-in-one presentation solution created by the leading LED manufacturer Absen (SZSE: 300389), is an ideal video wall product for any event rooms of any sizes.


Absenicon is designed to take the current meeting room experience to the next level by delivering greater impact. This award-winning product is not just a presentation solution for meeting rooms, also a perfect video wall product well suited to any spaces such as training rooms, board rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums in corporate, government, higher education, schools, hospitals, banks and the other indoor environments that require a reliable fixed display solution for effective communication.


How Absenicon delivers the ultimate meeting experience and enhances communication:


Allowing for open and bright meeting space:

In meeting rooms or the other spaces with conventional projectors, end users have to reduce ambient light by turning off lights or closing blinds to make the content seen; because high ambient causes pictures casted by projectors to become washed out, barely visible and legible. However, Absenicon, the conglomerate of advanced LED technologies, makes things different. Absenicon offers adjustable brightness levels from 0 to 350nits, allowing users to choose the right brightness to adapt different environments whether dark or bright. Whenever and wherever, Absenicon enables end users to deliver presentation content in a clear, visible and highly-productive way.


Superb visual performance:

Besides high brightness, LED also boasts the other inherent advantages such as high image quality and the ability to create large-size seamless video walls. Absenicon features colour gamut of 110% and contrast ratio of 4000:1, promising exceptional images with more accurate and richer colours. Absenicon provides completely bezel-free display and eliminates the distracting dark lines associated with LCD video wall technology. In addition, the 160° ultra-wide viewing angle enables meeting members within the space to receive complete presentation content, further improving the communication effectiveness.


Stress-free installation and presentation:

Absenicon as an integrated, all-in-one product features simple installation and operation. The product can be easily installed by two engineers in four hours or less, with four installation methods available, including wall-mounting, hanging, mobile and floor-to-wall installations. End users are able to share their computer or mobile screen via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with a simple click.


Multiple size options:

Available in four standard sizes ranging from 110” to 220”, Absenicon can be used in any size of room, from 20 participants to 300. Absenicon can also be a multi-screen display.


Absenicon also holds robust reliability with an ultra-long lifespan of 100,000 hours, ensuring lower total ownership cost. And the company has a global presence with eight overseas offices in different countries and regions of Germany, USA, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, Japan and HK, able to provide reliable and prompt local services for its customers worldwide.


To arrange an Absenicon demo or for any LED support, please contact [email protected] .

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Absenicon in Deloitte's meeting room (Click here to read more

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Absenicon in Intel's Meeting room (Click here to read more