Absen Light Box Solution Makes Attractive Advertising Easier


With the advent of 5G technology and the development of smart cities, advertisers will benefit more from the connected infrastructure in populous metropolitan areas because of the increasing demand for digital advertising, which means that advertisers need to deliver high-quality advertisements efficiently to stand out from their competitors. 

Absen light box solution ensures safe, timely delivery of visually compelling content with centralized management, suitable for outdoor high-traffic public areas, including bus shelters, airports, metros, railway stations, gas station, shopping precincts, business districts, exhibition center and so on. As the largest Chinese LED panel exporter for 11 consecutive years, Absen receives the credit from customers for its superb and reliable LED displays which provide outstanding performance to capture audiences’ attention and present vivid images of products and services to increase advertising revenue and build brand awareness. Absen light box solution also makes centralized management possible. Advertisers can achieve information dissemination and superintendence quickly on a centralized online platform via computers and mobile phones, helping advertisers to update their advertisement schedule speedily.


Absen Light Box in Brazil

Absen boasts a wide range of LED displays for DOOH, among which the newly-launch AW series is perfect for light box solution. With a brightness of 5,000 nits and a refresh rate of 3,840Hz, AW series shows extraordinary visual effect even in direct sunlight. Available in two pixel pitches of 2.8mm and 3.9mm, AW series boasts high pixel density that ensures excellent visibility at short viewing distances of 3-5 meters, impressing passes-by with rich information and engaging advertisement in exceptional clarity. 

To enhance audiences’ viewing experience, an intelligent auto-light sensor control system can be incorporated into Absen LED to detect ambient light levels to automatically adjust the screen brightness for optimal performance. Eye-catching visuals of Absen LED display will arouse audiences’ interest in certain brand, thus guaranteeing advertisers’ benefits. Absen outdoor LED display can maximize the ROI for advertisers due to its stability. Absen LED is designed to withstand changeable extreme weather so that the screens remain in superb working condition 24/7. Featuring IP65/IP54 waterproof rating and weatherability design, Absen LED can tolerate heavy rain, strong winds and challenging environments between -20℃ and +50℃.

In addition to first-rate LED display, Absen light box solution provides one-stop content and device management to bring a more convenient and efficient experience for users. The online platform allows users to schedule, disseminate and manage the advertisements via web browsers, irrespective of operating system. Advertisers may need to revise their schedule frequently in changeable times. Thanks to this intuitive online platform, advertisers can reschedule, update and release the content whenever and wherever they need to maximize efficiency. 

Besides content management, Absen light box solution also takes data safety and device management into consideration to secure final performance of advertisements. Only authorized users with multi-factor authentication have access to the online platform. The system will make a backup of the data automatically, encrypt the content during transmission and lock it at the terminal to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of advertisements. The online platform makes device management simpler and intelligent. It can monitor working condition of the screens and send regular reports to users automatically. Once there are any errors and warnings of the screen, the system will send alerts to users immediately to minimize the damage.

Assigning the first priority to its customers, Absen is committed to offering them the best user experience. Absen light box solution is designed to simplify advertisers’ work and help them to drive audiences’ engagement and purchase by displaying appealing advertisements.